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People are at the heart of Foster Wales Flintshire, not profit. Our purpose is to support and empower foster carers. To build better futures for local children.

If you’re fostering with your Local Authority, you’re part of Foster Wales. We’re the national network of 22 Local Authority fostering services in Wales.

If you’re not fostering with Foster Wales Flintshire, making the transfer over is really straightforward. Here’s everything you need to know.


how to transfer to us

It’s easy: contact our local team. They will see if it’s right for you and, if you decide to transfer, we’ll do all we can to support you to make the move over to us.


why transfer

Every child who needs a foster carer comes under the Local Authority’s responsibility. So, not only is it our passion but our purpose to determine and provide exactly what’s needed for local children, as well as their foster families.

We inspire you to be the best you can be by offering expert training and dedicated support. We’re devoted to providing nothing but the best for children in our care. The same goes for our foster carers.

Interested in joining us? Learn more about the rewards and support we offer.

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