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support and rewards

finance and allowances

You’ll receive financial allowances as a foster carer with the Foster Wales Flintshire team. Financial allowances are based on various factors, such as the type of fostering you undertake, the number of children you foster, and how long you foster for.

For example, in Flintshire there are foster carers who receive between £9,900 and £36,000 per year.

other rewards

Being a foster carer comes with more benefits than you might realise. In addition to the support and allowances mentioned already, in Flintshire you’ll also get:

  • 50% Council Tax discount
  • Free Cadw membership
  • A Blue Light card - free and discounted admission to attractions across the UK
  • Membership to The Fostering Network
  • Flintshire County Council is a Fostering Friendly Employer

If you're a Flintshire County Council employee and a foster carer, you'll receive even more benefits. To find out more, visit: work for flintshire county council?

the foster wales national commitment

And there’s more! All 22 Local Authorities in Wales have signed up to what we call the National Commitment. This is an agreed package of training, support and rewards for every single one of our foster carers to enjoy.

So, as a Foster Wales foster carer, you’ll benefit from:


one team

Everyone involved in a foster child’s life – every professional around the child and, of course, yourself – are part of the Local Authority. We’re one team and we work together, always. This focus on connection helps ensure that the children we care for, and their foster families, have the best possible futures. As a foster carer, you’ll always be included, valued and respected within the team.

By becoming a part of the team, you’ll be joining forces with those who hold ultimate responsibility for every child in care across Wales and helping children to stay in their local area. That’s what sets this team apart from others.


learning and development

We help you to grow with our shared, considered and proven support package – a rewards system that’s consistent across Wales. Learning and growth are essential parts of what we offer.

The tools and training we provide enable you to develop into a confident and capable foster carer. To fully meet the needs of children in your care.

As a Foster Wales foster carer, you’ll have an individual personal learning record and development plan. This plan keeps track of the progress you’re making – the valuable, transferable skills and experiences you’ve acquired, as well as future plans.



As a Foster Wales foster carer, you’re never on your own. Our team will be available to support and encourage you at every step.

You’ll have an experienced, professional social worker to support you, your family and your whole network.

You’ll also have access to a range of support groups, where you’ll meet other foster carers. This will give you the opportunity to talk, listen and share your experiences. 

Peer support is available with every local Foster Wales team and can truly make a difference. As The Fostering Network's first Mockingbird partner in Wales, with Foster Wales Flintshire you can benefit from this award-winning peer support model.

Group of happy teenagers laughing

fostering community

Staying connected is key. 

The fostering community will bring you closer to other foster families through attending events and activities. You’ll build new friendships, have new experiences and create new memories.

You’ll also have online access to plenty of information and advice, so you’ll never feel alone.

When you join Foster Wales, we pay for your membership to The Fostering Network (TFN) and the Association for Fostering and Adoption (AFA) Cymru. Why? We appreciate that the independent support, private advice, guidance and additional rewards that these specialist fostering organisations offer are priceless.

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shaping the future

The most important step is the next one – what you can do to provide a better future for a child. Whilst every child has a past, the present and the future is our focus. It’s about shaping the future as a foster carer.

You’ll be heard not just locally, but nationally too. Your views will influence how we move forward. There will be opportunities for you to consult and impact the future of fostering in Wales, as well as being well updated with news and information.

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