foster carers cherrill & tony retire after 36 years of service

Posted: Thursday 24th November 2022
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when did you start fostering and what made you choose to be a foster carer?


We decided to foster 36 yrs ago when someone needed help to give respite to them and their family.


how many years in total have you been fostering and how many children would you say you fostered over those years?


We have fostered for 36 yrs, we have not counted the placements we have had but there will have been over 200 children.


did you have birth children and how did they adapt to you becoming foster carers?

We have 2 daughters who loved having other children around helping to play with and feed and entertain them as most of our children had additional needs.


what have you enjoyed most about being a foster carers?


Making childrens lives better, helping parents to learn how to look after their children or when this doesn’t work out moving them on to lovely adoptive families and seeing them happy and settled and supporting the parents afterwards.


you are very experienced foster carers. if you could offer a new foster carer some advice, what advice would you give to them?


Keep to firm boundaries and give lots of love, time and patience and the children will bloom.


what will you miss about being foster carers?


We will miss the fun, singing, laughter and even the hard work.


and finally, is there anything else you would like to say about fostering through your local authority, foster wales flintshire and the team?


We have fostered for 2 local authorities and I agency but the best years
Have been for Flintshire, we have always felt supported with them everything is explained when you ask and nothing is too much bother from our supporting social worker right through to senior management and we are sad to leave them all.