meet the team - ashleigh

Posted: Tuesday 21st June 2022
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Name- Ashleigh

Job title- Social Worker


how long have you been in your role?


Social worker since 2019, Fostering 6 months.


why did you chose a career in social services?

I naturally enjoy working with people and love learning about others. I’ve always been motivated to problem solve and enjoy the variety a career in social work brings.

I am only at the start of my career and the field is continuously growing.  This is exciting as the possibilities of my role are always expanding.


what’s the biggest challenge you have faced in your role?


The emotional impact of working with complex issues such as abuse, neglect and substance misuse can be difficult at times. I have made such positive working relationships with some people who have been unable to achieve what they have wanted due to a variety of reasons and it can be really upsetting.

Often, I can see how the systems around finances, poor access to specialist services and support impact vulnerable people and it can feel frustrating at times as it is beyond my control.


what’s the most rewarding thing about your job?

Supporting people to achieve what might initially feel impossible. The Social work profession can receive a bad reputation at times and it can sometimes be really challenging to develop positive and trusting working relationships with people. When these relationships are made, and positive outcomes are achieved, it makes me feel happy and I can’t help but smile and feel really proud.


who’s been your role model and why?


I look up to so many people in both my personal and professional life. I have lots of family who work in the public sector, and I have met some really hard working and knowledgeable individuals in this profession. It would be impossible for me to pick just one!


and finally, if you could go anywhere on holiday tomorrow where would you go and why?

Mexico for the sea sun and Mexican food!