children of Foster Carers Month

Posted: Sunday 30th October 2022
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Name: Abbey

Age: 22

  • Tell us a little about your family

My foster family consists of me, my mum and my 2 foster siblings; the youngest aged 9 and the other aged 20. We became a foster family when i was 9 years old and have been fostering for around 13 years. Other members of my family such as my nanna and grandad are also a big part of our foster family as they treat any foster child as their own.

  • How do you welcome a new foster child into your home for the first time?

When we first started to foster, I was very young, so my approach to welcoming new foster children was to share my toys with them and play games whilst also giving them a mini tour around the house. Now that I am much older and have had experience with many foster children, i understand that this might not be the best way to approach every new child as it could be overwhelming. I make sure I am always friendly and have a smile on my face when they arrive, as well as making an effort to get to know their hobbies and interests, such as their favourite foods and films. I try to spend time with them so that they feel more comfortable when being in the house, even if it’s just watching a film with them. I also try my best to not bombard them with questions in the begining as i know that sometimes you have to be patient and let them feel settled.

  • What do you like most about being part of a family who fosters?

For me, the main thing that I like most about being part of a foster family is that I feel like we are making a difference. It can be very rewarding when you see a new foster child come out of their shell and feel a lot more comformatable around you. I also enjoy having the company, especially when i was younger as i was an only child, and in some way, I think this also allowed me to gain some confidence growing up as i knew i always had someone i could confide in and spend time with like I would with a sister or brother. My mum always made sure that we spent quality time together too so that i never felt left out. Sometimes it can get difficult when a child was more demanding or was in need of more support from us as a family, but even as a younger child, I was always understanding of the situation.
Although I am now living away from home and currently studying at university, I still to go home and visit often so I can see my younger foster brother and sister (and my mum too). I still feel like I am a big part of the famiy and still love being involved in helping new foster children settle in.