What fostering teaches you

Posted: Friday 22nd October 2021
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My mum and dad asked us (me and my brother) our thoughts on fostering.  We didn’t really know much about it at the time, so we listened to what they had to say and they left us to have a think about whether it was something we would like to do.

We have been fostering for nearly three years now and we can happily say we have enjoyed it.  




We have made lots of new friends since we started fostering. We attend the young foster groups and have great fun with girls and boys of similar age.  Our social workers are always friendly as well.



We’ve attended the Skills to Foster which gave us the opportunity to voice our opinions and we’ve been given the opportunity to help others.  I love helping look after the children.  I’m learning new skills everyday which will help me when I’m older.



Being a part of a foster family means you have to share quite a lot. We share our home with children, we share our toys and personal belongings and we share our time.  Most importantly we share our mums and dads, but that’s not too bad because our mum and dad have a lot of love and time to share and as we grow we are becoming more independent each day.



Before fostering we probably didn’t appreciate how much time our parents spent on us.  We now give our time to help others and it’s a great feeling.



It’s ok to show our emotions, saying goodbye to the children is hard, and it’s ok to be sad.



Being part of a family who fosters is very rewarding.  We aren’t a family with super powers, we just love being able to help children who need us.  We keep them warm, safe and happy.


By Charlotte age 15


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