caroline shares her experience of being a flintshire county council employee and a foster carer

Posted: Wednesday 17th April 2024
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how has your experience as a foster carer been supported by flintshire county council as a fostering friendly employer? what kinds of resources or assistance have you received from flintshire county council?


At the start of your fostering journey, Flintshire County Council were very accommodating in allowing me to reduce my hours to accommodate my fostering role. Working term time hours gave me more flexibility and availability during school holidays to care for the children. Flintshire County Council offers a good training plan, with training sessions around school hours where possible. 

It is important for foster carers to receive proper training, and I am grateful for the support of Flintshire County Council in allowing me to take time off from work to attend these training sessions. These sessions equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a good foster carer.


as a foster carer, what benefits do you receive from being an employee of flintshire county council?

I receive an additional 5 days of leave as foster care leave, which allows me to attend essential training,  meetings and appointments related to any foster care placements. I also have the option to work flexible hours and take time off to attend these meetings and appointments. I am currently helping a teenager move into semi-independent living accommodation and have been able to take time off to support her move. Flintshire has been so accommodating, which is invaluable.

how do you balance your responsibilities as a foster carer with your work for flintshire county council, and what strategies have you found to be effective for managing your time and energy? 

I balance my responsibilities by being organised and communicating as soon as possible regarding any appointments or training I may have to attend.


in your opinion, what are some of the most important qualities or skills that someone should have in order to be successful as both a foster carer and a flintshire county council employee? 

Being organised, communicating well, and having an understanding of both roles is important in order to be successful as a foster carer and Flintshire County Council employee. I also think that trying to arrange appointments outside of normal business hours when appropriate is essential.


what advice would you give to someone who is interested in becoming a foster carer and working for flintshire county council, and how can they best prepare themselves for this rewarding but challenging role?

I would say go for it! Approach this opportunity with an open mind and a positive attitude. Do not doubt your ability to balance a career at Flintshire County Council while providing support to looked after children. A great deal of support is available from Flintshire County Council, which will help you thrive in both roles.


could you make a difference and foster with your local authority, like caroline?

If you live in Flintshire, contact Foster Wales Flintshire and a member of our dedicated team will be in touch for a friendly, no obligation conversation to help you decide if fostering is right for you.

If you live anywhere else in Wales, visit Foster Wales for more information and to find your local authority fostering team.