fostering brothers and sisters

Posted: Thursday 23rd September 2021
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Kim has been a foster carer for 18 years, her first fostering experience was with a brother and sister.

Since then she recalls fostering at least 3 more sibling groups.

“Two young brothers arrived on my doorstep.

When they arrived, the eldest had his arm around his little brother’s shoulder telling him it was all going to be ok.

Fostering is like doing a jigsaw, without the picture.

Having a brother and sister helps to put the pieces together and fill the gaps.

You need patience and time.

The older sibling would often remember things that the younger one didn’t.

Sometimes the children are part of a much bigger family, and we would meet up in the park.

There were 5 children in one family and really close in age.

I love what I do.

Even after 18 years I still get a buzz from it, I love the challenge.”