foster bear campaign

flintshire primary schools open their doors to care for foster bear

Primary schools across Flintshire have welcomed Foster Bear into their classrooms, a new campaign launched by Foster Wales Flintshire to promote fostering.

The Foster Bear campaign aims to raise awareness of local authority fostering and outline the urgency to recruit more foster carers in Flintshire.

Foster Bear is part of the fostering team and is joining primary schools across Flintshire to take part in daily activities with the children in class. Children will be given the opportunity to take Foster Bear home for a weekend during which they will look after and care for the bear. They will also receive a Foster Bear Booklet full of fun activities to do in class and to record their weekend adventures.

Children’s families will also have the opportunity to participate in this campaign by sharing photos and stories on social media of how Foster Bear has adapted to life with their new family, using the hashtag #fosterbear.

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We are extremely proud of this campaign which will also highlight the need to recruit more foster carers in our local communities. By giving the children the responsibility to love and care for Foster Bear for a weekend, they will get a sense of what the children in our fostering families need too.

For more information or if you’re a school wishing to work with Foster Wales Flintshire on this campaign please contact Melissa Cross on:

phone: 01352 701965